Save the Corners

  • An engineered docking system to assist the pontoon captain into a slip and minimize damage while docking the boat.
  • Slip Assist fits most docks and can be easily deployed. De-signed to add 12” to each side of the slip!
  • Slip Assist gently redirects the boat to the center of the slip
  • Customizable to make your dock look great! Include boat name, cabin name, sports team, and more!

A newly engineered system de-signed to assist getting a square boat into a square slip. No more sudden stops from missing a slip by inches. No more corner re-placement due to wind or wake while trying to dock a boat! Now enjoy the day knowing docking will be a breeze.

Slip Assist is a patent pending design that folds tight to the dock when not in use for a non-intrusive addition to your dock.



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