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Slip Assist Docking System

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Whether you’re fighting a stiff breeze, a passing boat wake, dealing with currents or a still-learning hand on the wheel, docking a toon on Lake of the Ozarks can feel like a game of pinball off the corners of the slip. With the price of toons and the cost of repairs to docks and toons, guiding a square peg into a square hole can be very stressful. It’s a real problem for many toon owners — even if some don’t want to admit it. Slip Assist makes it easy and safe.

Slip Assist is a docking system that makes it practically impossible to miss your dock — or damage your toon in the process. Affordable and easy to install on your dock, Slip Assist takes away the stress while docking the boat.

Slip Assist is a patent pending design that folds tight to the dock when not in use for a non-intrusive addition to your dock.


Save Your Dock Corners

  • An engineered docking system to assist the pontoon captain into a slip and minimize damage while docking the boat.
  • Slip Assist fits most docks and can be easily deployed. Designed to add 12” to each side of the slip!
  • Slip Assist gently redirects the boat to the center of the slip
  • Customizable to make your dock look great! Include boat name, cabin name, sports team, and more!


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Slip Assist – $1995.00 (set of 2)

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How It Works

Slip Assist is a Patent Pending design that uses two powder-coated steel frames attached to the dock.  These frames hold two non-marking, marine-grade plastic plates angled outward in a funnel shape.  The plates are engineered with gas springs to absorb shock, redirect the forces, and seamlessly guide the vessel into the slip. The plates give boaters an additional two feet of extra wiggle room to guide a boat into the slip. Westermeyer (owner) says as far as he knows there is no other product on the market that can make this claim.

Slip Assist comes with a universal mount and an easy installation that can be done in short order with any drill and socket set. But not to worry, for those at Lake of the Ozarks, installation of Slip Assist is included in the purchase price. Since Slip Assist folds flat to the dock for a non-intrusive installation and uses no electricity, as it is completely mechanical, and does not touch the water, there should be no modifications needed for dock or electrical permits.

Slip Assist is manufactured at Lake of the Ozarks and designed especially for the Lake’s waters. Westermeyer (owner) says he’s eager to see more local boaters enjoying it, adding, “It’s made here at the Lake and designed to withstand the harshest conditions the lake has to offer.”  Slip Assist is out to Save the Corners.

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